Our firm, Rightname Patent Services LLP, a patent agency (registration No. 11802) located in Beijing, China, specializes in:

    Patent Application Filing, Prosecution, Invalidation, Drafting, Litigation and Other Patent and Trademark Services in China.


Our strengths include:

  • Registered patent attorneys with over 20 years experience handling more than 5000 patent cases  mostly for multinational companies like IBM, Nokia, Lenovo, Magic Leap, Eaton, Basf, Mobile Continental, etc.;
  • Quality guaranteed by our values of integrity, spirit of craftsmanship and our expertise, with a track record of an over 95% grant rate;
  • Quick delivery to meet demanding time limits, with most filing cases completed within 20 working days; and
  • Strictest confidentiality.


We endeavor to build a time-honored brand name and reputation in the patent services industry through our perseverance, expertise and hard work.